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6 Day Retreat

located on beautiful

Vancouver Island

Your retreat includes;

3 Day

Intermediate Curio Intensive Workshop


With Cindy Pope and


3 Day

Hand - Forming & Carving Workshop

With Rodi Frunze

All pricing in US currency
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Cindys: Intermediate Curio Intensive


The intensive is designed for students who are well versed in the Silhouette Software and have taken my intensives before or have worked on Curio Projects through my Craftcast Classes. Anyone needing a beginning lesson or refresher can work with me by Skype to do a basic software overview and project prior to the class. I will also give you some pre-class videos that will review some of the basics

Leather Journal
The intensive will include a one-day leather journal project with a faux bone closure. You will learn the
basics of creating an inexpensive lightweight closure for your journals with Faux Bone. The journals can
be themed or designed using some of my patterns. More experienced Students who wish to do a
themed cover and should start collecting images and text that they would like to use on their Journals.

We will discuss using patterns, Text and personal drawings/ photos.

Fold Over Flower – Days 2 and 3


We will be designing and creating a silver fold-over flower project with 3 pairs of By-product earrings.

This is one of my favorite projects and this will be my first-time teaching students how to make the flower in an multi Student intensive setting.


These pieces take full advantage of the properties of new very flexible clays to achieve a 3-dimensional outcome. The project also is a great example of making by-product pieces.


To make all the pieces we will use 50 to 100 grams of clay and the kit will include an 8 to 10-millimeter fire able stone. I will pre-roll the clay in order to save time during class. We will also focus on testing our designs on paper prior to making them in silver.

Recommended experience (3 Day), participants ideally should have:

  • previous Curio intensive or Craftcast classes with Cindy.

Participants must bring:

  • Their own Curio machine

  • A smile

Accommodation / Travel:

  • all travel and accommodation is at the discretion of, and the sole responsibility of the participant.

Terms & Conditions: View / Download

Cindys 3 Day Intermediate Curio Intensive

SEPTEMBER 3rd - 5th 2018

LOCATION: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

KIT FEES ($212 USD, already included in workshop price)

  • Day 1 - Leather Journals: A Leather kit fee of $60.00 covers the following;

    • leather and lining for 2 journals. (one to take home)

    • Faux Bone for closures with Chicago screw embeddable

    • Alcohol markers for coloring button closures

    • Elastic and elastic clamps

    • Access to Instructors Leather Dyes, Glues and edge treatments

    • Access to Instructors Leather tools for use during class.

    • Video software lesson to use after class


  • Days 2/3 - Fold Over Flower: 

    • $152 for 60 grams of fs999 (Prerolled FS999 Sheet plus extra clay for embellishing)

    • Plus an 8 or 10 mm faceted cab.

    • Video Software Design Lesson to use after Class.

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Supporting Canadian Artists Program

Please register here if you have received information advising of your eligibility to this program (Metal Clay Alchemist)

Rodi : Fine Silver Workshop Details

This 3 day intensive program will give you hands on experience in mastering techniques for working with Fine Silver metal clay. This is an intermediate+ class. Previous metal clay experience is not required, but is recommended. 


Under Rodi's guidance you will create your own template and design, your own unique piece that incorporates hand -forming techniques. 


You will decorate both the front and the back of the pendant with hand formed and carved elements inspired by nature.


After kiln firing the piece, you will also bezel set a gemstone by creating and soldering a symmetrical bezel setting. 


You will also sand, polish and patina your piece based on your preferred finish. This workshop is designed to develop or enhance your hand-forming & carving skills. You will be producing, not reproducing a piece.

Recommended experience (3 Day), participants ideally should:

  • have a basic understanding of metal clay,

  • have previous jewelry making experience; metalwork, polymer clay, glass / lamp-work, etc.,

  • have (or access to) a kiln capable of firing metal clay.

  • be an artist of any medium that is highly motivated.


Included in workshop:

  • All tools and products you need to successfully produce your unique pendant.

  • Access to all the tools required (you can bring your own carving tools and discover their potential;-),

  • A a choice of calibrated Labradorite, Onyx or Chalcedony gemstone.


Participants should bring:

  • 28 grams of PMC+ fine silver clay, (Clay will be available for purchase: however, due to Canadian import duties, our pricing is approx. 10% higher than if purchased in the US ;-)


Accommodation / Travel:

  • Travel and accommodation costs are not included in the workshop pricing,

  • All travel and accommodation is at the discretion of, and the sole responsibility of the participant.

Terms & Conditions: View / Download


SEPTEMBER 7th - 9th 2018

LOCATION: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

KIT FEES: 28 grms PMC+ not included (BYO or on-site purchase available) 

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Supporting Canadian Artists Program

Please register here if you have received information advising of your eligibility to this program (Metal Clay Alchemist)

Note: Refunds are only available as per the workshops (view invited artist section) "terms and conditions".

Once you have completed your registration, we will contact you to provide you with assistance in making your travel arrangements.


Estimated Daily Accommodation Costs:

Or get a great deal on sharing ;-)


Travel Assistance

Metal Clay Workshop Travel Assistance
Metal Clay Workshop Travel Assistance

Visiting Vancouver Island is a unique experience with every route to get here adding to that experience. Through the gracious assistance of Lyssa, you can be assured that your trip planning is in the hands of a professional. Every route to Vancouver Island is filled with beauty. Lyssa will be in touch with you to determine the route that best suits your budget and fills you with inspiration. Don't forget to inquire about travel insurance!


If you complete the above form, Lyssa will contact you directly or if you prefer, you can contact Lyssa via your preferred communication method and taste our Island hospitality before you get here.


(Phone) (250) 753-2282 | (Toll Free) 1-800-922-7221 | (Email)

HOURS: MON - FRI 9:00 am - 5:00 pm PST SAT: Closed Summer, SUN & Holidays Closed

163 Commercial St Nanaimo, BC  V9R 5G5

Metal Clay Workshop Travel Assistance
Metal Clay Workshop Travel Assistance
Metal Clay Workshop Travel Assistance

Take advantage of the relaxing activities, all available with a short walk or leisurely drive from your room!

Things to do on Vancouver Island

Sky-And-Beyond Metal Clay Workshop Retreat

Aboriginal Culture - Emerse yourself in the beauty and culture of the aborginal peoples. You will have the opportunity to see some of the most amazing artistry. Created by those who follow and respect the traditions of this wonderful culture.


It is difficult not to be inspired by such dedicated Artists.

Sky-And-Beyond Metal Clay Workshop Retreat

Click the logo for the entire list of wonderful activities from fine dinning, hiking, whale watching, sea kayaking, nature trails or just relaxing.....all receiving a "Certificate Of Excellence" rating of higher!


Close to the workshop accommodations, within a short walk or ferry you will find;


Harbourfront Walkway - One of our preferred beaches and parks

Maffeo Sutton Park - One of our preferred beaches and parks

Protection Island - One of our preferred beaches and parks

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