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​The fact that you are here and reading this, indicates that you have the passion. The passion to release your creativity and to envelope it in the form of artistic jewelry.


Our Sky Guides are designed to assist you in acquiring or enhancing the technical skills to capture your inspired designs. 

Whats the difference?

You will find two (2) types of tutorials below.

  1. FULL PROJECT: In both on-line media enhanced (includes a .pdf version) or media linked .pdf.

  2. STEP GUIDE: Comes in a .pdf document detailed with photos & images.


The following is a legend of the various tutorial identification logos along with the definitions:

ON-LINE MULTIMEDIA: Full projects that are on-line (login required) and contain videos and slideshows. A .pdf version is also included. These tutorials not only cover the steps to complete the project, but also a wealth of explanation and details on the products and techniques used. - This is our recommended start point for beginners.

.PDF DOCUMENT: Available as both full projects and step guides. Full projects will include links to the videos. This version of full projects contains the same information as the on-line media version.

STEP GUIDES: Step Guides come in .pdf document and contain photos and images to guide you through the steps. Unless otherwise indicated, some working experience with metal clay or completing a full project tutorial for beginners is recommended.

For more details on what's inside each tutorial


Sky Guide 12 (Step Guide)

You never know what you'll find down the rabbit hole!

Sky Guide 11 (Step Guide) -  

Flex Metal Clay

Flexible metal clay has some valuable properties when hand-forming. Creating dimensional elements being just one of them. Enhance your creative skills by incorporating Flex clay into your designs.

Sky Guide 10 (Step Guide) - Bronze Metal Clay

A great introduction to working with Bronze metal clays. Includes applying texture and hand-forming. Available with soldering a stone setting or no soldering version.

Sky Guide 9 (Step Guide) - All Metal Clays

With a focus on creating roses and dust granulation, this step guide is designed for those with metal clay experience. Add new elements to your designs.

Sky guide 4 Silver Metal Clay Clasp Tutorial from Sky-And-Beyond.com

Sky Guide 8 (Step Guide) -  Fine Silver Metal Clay

With a focus on adding dimension, this step guide is designed for those with metal clay experience. Enhance your hand-forming with this beautiful pendant project.

Working with bronze metal clay tutorial from Sky-And-Beyond.com

Sky Guide 7 (Step Guide) - Soldering Jewelers Grade

Discover the right solder to add value to your creations. Upgrade your skills to add a multitude of possibilities to your creative process.

Sky Guide 3 Metal Clay Tutorial from Sky-And-Beyond.com

Sky Guide 6 (Step Guide) - Simple Soldering Beginners Guide

Containing all the theory and 2 practical projects to get you started in soldering. Get insight into the tools and tool options to accommodated your growth.

Sky guide 4 Silver Metal Clay Clasp Tutorial from Sky-And-Beyond.com

Sky Guide 5 (Full Project) - Working With PMC OneFire "Intuition"

Using no carbon firing Sterling .960 Silver clay (or any metal clay). Create your own beautiful pendant. Available in online or .pdf versions.

Working with bronze metal clay tutorial from Sky-And-Beyond.com

Sky Guide 4 (Full Project) - Fine Silver Clasp "Devotion"

Using high shrinkage Fine Silver clay. Create your own beautiful clasps that enhance your creations.

Sky Guide 3 Metal Clay Tutorial from Sky-And-Beyond.com

Sky Guide 3 (Full Project) - Working with PMC+

"Glow with the flow"

Using PMC+ Fine Silver clay. Learn forming, carving,gemstone setting, soldering and finishing. Online media or .pdf versions available.

Working with bronze metal clay tutorial from Sky-And-Beyond.com

Sky Guide 2 (Full Project) - Working with Bronze "My Love"

Learn working with Bronze clay. Hand-forming, carving, firing, a touch of wire wrapping and finishing. Online Media Enhanced or .pdf version.

Basic Wire Wrapping / Metalwork Tutorial from Sky-And-Beyond.com

Sky Guide 1 (Full Project) - Wire Wrapping "The Seed Within"

Learn some basic metalwork and wire wrapping in this detailed .pdf tutorial.

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Five Stars!

mpowers300 on Jul 8, 2019

Awesome. Great piece to make!

Stephanie Reese on May 30, 2019

This is one of the best tutorials I have ever purchased. COMPLETELY thorough and pictures of every step. I have a monthly ink program, so I was able to print each page in high quality color. It's a ' small book' 😊 and I am truly happy I purchased it .

pattylover on Jul 7, 2019

Very easy to down load and instructions are straightforward and easy to follow.

Clare Trevaskis on May 14, 2019

Beautifully written instructions are very clear.

Beverly Symes on Feb 15, 2019

Awesome! Thanks.

Stephanie Reese on Jan 30, 2019

The most informative, comprehensive and user friendly tutorial I have ever purchased. I am very pleased with how my pendant turned out. Helped me improve my technical skills when designing and creating my own jewelry.

Beverly Symes on Jan 20, 2019

Five Stars

Leanne Stock on Dec 17, 2018

Great detailed tutorial! I would definitely buy from this seller again. Great project and great instruction!

Roni D on Oct 2, 2018

I have come back to edit my review now I have completed the tutorial. Words can't describe how thrilled I am with the finished result. The tutorial was fantastic, so detailed, thorough and well presented. I can't recommend this tutorial highly enough (and will be doing to everyone!). You will not be disappointed. 10/10.

Rodi's work is outstanding and I feel honoured to be following her guidance through this tutorial and learning from someone so amazingly skilled. Rodi is also so approachable and helpful. That enthusiasm to see others grow and achieve too is a beautiful trait of hers... and is one of many qualities that shine in her own pieces. 

Rodi really is one of the very best jewellery artists there is.

Deb on Aug 17, 2018

The SkyandBeyond tutorials are the more informative, comprehensive and user friendly tutorials I have ever used. It is evident that much thought and time is invested to deliver a detailed and clear tutorial with many useful extra in terms of general information. In addition, direct contact with any query is dealt with in a timely and friendly but professional way. Frankly, I can't rate them high enough.

Annamarie McHugh on Jul 18, 2018

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