Feeling technically challenged?, you shouldn't...

The fact is, that with the speed of changes within the field of internet apps and technology there is always the possibility that things don't always work the way we expect. Below is our attempt to help you navigate the possible reasons you may experience technical issues along with the solutions. Please keep in mind that there are so many possible causes to your issue, that the below solutions are only the most common solutions. You can always contact us and we will do our very best to assist you.

Download doesn't complete, fails mid-way 
1st don't worry, you can download your files for up to 30 days from purchase! you can use the link contained in your purchase receipt email.
Three main reasons why this could happen:
  • Slow Wireless signal / Internet connection in which case you'll have to try and download the product with extraordinary patience. Download manager apps will not help.

    • Where possible, download to a wired connected desktop or laptop is your best option.​

  • Using an outdated browser. We highly recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (Mac) for best results. Other browsers may work, but it's safe to say these two have had the least trouble downloading.

    • Ensure your browser is up to date​. You can find instructions on how to update your browser:Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

    • Try opening an "Incognito" (Chrome) / "Private" (Mozilla) page to download. As some browser extensions / plugins may affect the download, this will disable them all while you download.

  • Downloading onto your tablet or smartphone. Unless you are comfortable and understand how your device settings (.PDF files may open as "View" instead of downloading), we strongly recommend downloading to a desktop or laptop. During testing we found that a handful of devices do not support downloading by using direct download.

    • Verify the download capabilities of your device. If downloading is available, check to ensure that the setting is for direct download.

Videos or Slideshows not showing?


  • The primary reason you may experience this issue is outdated browser (missing updates) or browser compatibility. Our site is HTML5, not all browsers are equal in handling the newer HTML5 coding. Your best option is either Google Chrome (windows 7/8/10), Edge (windows 10) or Mozilla Firefox (Apple iOS).

I can't open the .pdf file?


This is primarily caused by and out dated Adobe Reader, you will need to update your version. You can check and update here: Adobe Reader

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