Sky Guide 4 - Working with  Fine Silver Metal Clay - "Devotion"


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Sky Guide 4 Step Guide Clasp - High Shrinkage Silver Metal Clay Tutorial

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Sky Guide 4 Step Guide Clasp - High Shrinkage Silver Metal Clay Tutorial

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Sky Guide 4 - Downloads

Your Free Printable Template

This download provides your supporting template if you have purchased the Sky Guide 4 - Devotion Clasp Tutorial. Just print and cut out the template to get started on this wonderful project!


Devotion Fine Silver Clasp Tutorial  Details

This tutorial is good for you IF:

   - You own or have access to a KILN!


This tutorial cannot be considered as a beginners guide to working with Metal Clay unless you have a kiln. As this project is based on "high shrinkage" silver clay, torch firing is not available.


If you choose to use PMC+ (or PMC 3), then torch firing is possible but your clasp will be approximately 10% larger. If this fits your designs then .... this tutorial will work for you.   

The .pdf  file contains;

59 pages of techniques, tips and tricks.

57 HD quality photos

A shopping resource guide to help you get the things you need

Download Templates for printing


The project is organized into easy to follow steps which makes it super easy. You'll find in this tutorial tips and tricks from Rodi which will help you create your own beautiful and flowing designs and develop your carving, hand forming skills. 


Watch your creativity become reality...


For this project you'll need: DEVOTION!



Products -



  • 8 g any HIGH shrinkage fine silver clay – FYI or Metal Magic,

  • Low Temperature Silver Solder Paste

  •  Liver of Sulfur

  • Olive oil

  • Vinegar / Pre-enamel surface cleaner

  • Alumina Hydrate or fiber firing blanket

  • Fine steel brush

  • Baking Powder

  • Silver slip

  • 16 Gauge silver wire – approx. 8-10 cm

  • Distilled water


  • Plastic wrap

  • 97% Alcohol or Ethanol (Denatured Alcohol)



Tools – 


  • Smooth, Even, Non-Porous  working surface,

  • Sharp scissors

  • Piece of heavy stock paper (Glossy photo paper works well)

  • Pencil

  • Sandpaper -  320, 400 & 600 grit or (optional) Rotary Tool attachments Fiber Abrasive Wheel (Fine), Buffing wheel

  • Small spray bottle (the finer the spray the better)

  • Cup warmer (hair dryer or patience!)

  • Kiln with holding time capacity of 1650o F / 900 o C

  • Ceramic Crucible (option: firing blanket)

  • Small steel wire brush

  • Small Rotary tool with metal polishing attachments or sandpaper if manual

  • Flush Cutter - Wire  Cutters

  • 1 Sheet plastic document protector

  • Small Ball Burnishing tool

  • Small mandrel tool – 10mm & 4 mm round

  • Needle Tool  or Crafting knife / Scalpel

  • Hydrator or Small sealable jar & household cleaning sponge.

  • Thickness spacers or Playing cards

  • Toothpicks

  • Small paint brush (natural - smooth)

  • Makeup applicator sponge

  • Extra fine paint brush (very smooth)

  • Clay roller or a piece of a PCV pipe 1” diameter

  • Transparent Acrylic / Plastic / Glass disc approx. 2”

  • Needle file round 3mm


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