Sky Guide 11- "Winds Of Change"  Asymmetric Pendant

Working with Flex Step Guide Tutorial

New skills,

expand creative capacity.


The .pdf  tutorial contains;

  • 72 pages of techniques,best practices, tips and tricks.

  • 102 HD quality photos.

  • Free downloadable template.

  • Step by step guide on forming & placing hand-formed elements.

  • Information on how to make your own Flex clay.

  • How to apply texture.

  • How to create Dust Granulation in metal clay.

  • How to form textured Flex elements.

  • Access to our site member metal clay resources (sign in required)

  • A checklist to help you get the things you need. (download below)


The tutorial is a step guide that places a focus on working with Flex metal clay's. Designed for those with a little previous metal clay experience, the guide provides details on how to create dimension. Enhance your flex creations with texturing using simple texture surfaces.


This version provides a brief overview of the steps to solder a bezel gemstone setting. The upgraded version also includes the gemstone setting step by step.  


For this project you'll need:  A .PDF Reader (Details)


What's inside?


Sky Guide 11 - Forming Dimension With Flex Metal Clay Tutorial

This tutorial is good for you IF you:

   - have a little previous experience working with metal clay.

- are capable of unsupervised metal clay firing.

- have the tools and capacity of metal finishing.


This step guide is well within the capacity of a beginner, however, a basic tool kit and a little jewelry making are recommended. We rate this tutorial as beginner / intermediate skills recommended. Torch firing is not recommended.

With this free template, you will be using the same base plate for the embellishments. It includes the steps to modify the template to;

  • accommodate the use of any metal clay.

A Little Extra Help Soldering?

This version of Sky Guide 11 step guide tutorial includes all of the steps to make and solder the bezel settings for this project.

Want to master soldering?

Sky Guide 11 - Upgrade Forming Dimension With Flex + Stone Setting Tutorial

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Free .PDF Reader Required

The document you will be downloading is in .pdf format.

Viewable on all device types, Adobe Acrobat Reader may be required.

You can download a free version for:

Windows / Mac Operating systems -

Android devices -

Apple iOS devices -

Additional Benefits

As a site member, you will also have access to a host of metal clay and jewelry making tips, tricks and best practices via our micro-blog. You will also have access to our community forum where you can get feedback on your creative process, share your experiences with others who share the passion for metal clay. 

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