Sky Guide 1  - Wire Wrapping / Metal Work Basics 

Learning is the gateway to your limitless creativity !

"The Seed within"

This tutorial file contains 23 pages with 46 photos of the process of creation of a pair of hoop earrings based on Rodis "Seed Within" creation.


All the processes are organized into 28 steps which makes it super easy to follow. You'll find in this tutorial tips and tricks, which will help you create your own beautiful and flowing designs. 

Specifically designed for the beginner, you will be introduced into preparing wire, hammering and forming along with wire wrapping. - You just need the passion & THE TOOLS!

For this project you'll need:


•    High Temperature Torch,

•    Rotary tool with a sanding attachment and a polishing attachment, 

•    Round nose pliers,

•    Flat tipped  pliers, 

•    Tweezers (10cm – 15cm), metal and optional plastic,

•    Wire cutters (for thick wire and thin wire),

•    Mandrel (ring mandrel),

•    Hammer and anvil,

•    18, 26, 28 gauge copper wire, 20 gauge fine silver wire,

•    2 silver beads (3 mm), 2 copper beads (2 mm),

•    2 flat turquoise stones (6-7 mm), or your preference (round or flat),

•    2 ear hooks (in this project I used Niobium ear hooks, but you can use silver or copper, or make your own)

•    Liver Sulfur,

•    Fine grade steel wool.

Available in .pdf Format

Format PDF with instant download after check out. Please note that you will be purchasing x1 copyright license authorizing personal use of the tutorial - the .pdf file contains a security feature that prohibits printing or duplication.


Please contact us after purchasing this tutorial should you require a printable version. 

Sky Guide 1 Step Guide Wire Wrapping Tutorial


5 Stars

Kathy Lowe on Mar 18, 2018

Thank you so much! I can't wait to try this. Nice seller!

rougelantern on Feb 25, 2018

Super excited to try these earrings, thank you!

Tammy on Nov 20, 2015

Great tutorial... easy to follow. Thanks.

Kerri Leigh O'Connor on May 13, 2015

Great tutorial. Easy to follow. Just wish I could have printed it for my binder, but I do understand why. Gorgeous designs from this shop!

Beth Beck on May 6, 2015

Sehr ausführliches Tutorial, aber nicht leicht zu machen.


Google Translate:

Very detailed tutorial, but not easy to do.

Andrea Eggers on Feb 10, 2015

Great tutorial. Easy to understand and great pictures.

Bonnie Samson on Feb 1, 2015

looking forward to trying this one.

Tina Richter on Jan 31, 2015

Well written and easy to follow tutorial. Thank you

Nancy Pritchard on Jan 21, 2015

Love this! She taught me something I never even thought to try while wire wrapping! Two somethings, actually! I'm excited to give these techniques a try. Thank you!

Valorie Clifton on Jan 11, 2015

Seller quickly remedied problem with tutorial delivery. Thank you and I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

Jennifer Buckle on Dec 18, 2014

Great tutorial :) Thank you

Diane on Dec 3, 2014

Cannot wait to try and make these! ! Thankyou so much for sharing:)

katmariec123 on Dec 1, 2014

Thanks for the Tutorial, great work.

Lynne on Nov 8, 2014

Love it! Made my own pair that same evening!

Yvonne Roelofs on Oct 26, 2014

Well written easy to follow

ktrujil on Oct 22, 2014

This is a great tutorial. I love the hammered swirls in this piece and now I know how to do it! I learned some cool tricks as well. Money well spent in my book!

LindaBoBinda on Sep 23, 2014

Awesome, can't wait to try this.

Christine Kelly on Sep 19, 2014

Great tutorial, detailed with clear photos, good instructions and a few handy tips along the way. I love it when tutorials are written with love and care. Many thanks. Now looking for lots more wire ...

Ruth Flowers on Sep 14, 2014

Great tutorial! Well written and will try this weekend

Claire Kimble on Sep 13, 2014

Very well written tutorial easy to understand. Thank you for sharing!!!

sterlingmoon on Nov 22, 2014

Great tutorial, clear with good pictures. I can't wait for more.

Michelle Shepherd on Sep 12, 2014

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