2 Copper Hair / Shawl Pins With Czech Glass.

For those in love, the sense of yin and yang is ever present. The balance and oneness of all is revealed and the sense that someone may be an opposite becomes a mystery. These hair / shawl pins produce the essence of inner balance, with each pin containing an opposing colored black or white Czech glass stone. The result is to create a unique view of the wearer depending on the perspective. 

Yin And Yang

The eclectic forms of these pins combines the contrasting black and white stones with the copper beads. The matching pendant necklace and earrings create an heirloom collection that contains its' own dynamic balance marrying both the yin and the yang. Let these wonderful pins bring the balance of the opposites into your life. Let them serve as your reminder to maintain an open spirit and allow life to work its' magic! Hand crafted wire wrapped, carefully oxidized and antiqued nickel free copper containing Cech glass stone and copper beads. Love binds these two, so they will be shipped together in the hope that their bond lasts forever ;-) Length : 13 cm / 7" Ships within 3 - 4 days (excluding holidays)
Metal Clay Adventures | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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