This beautifully formed bronze pendant contains an amazing Labradorite gemstone that illuminates the passage into the darkened forest. Gently cradled in the embrace of the hand formed and carved foliage, this gemstone produces amazing deep blue flashes.

When you were a child, the forest was an enchanted place. It was a place of mystery and wonderment, surrounded by life, you felt the magic. This was of course before we heard the stories, the stories of good and evil. Although we loved the stories, we learned to fear the forest for what might be contained within. Only when we release the fear created by the story can we truly experience life.

The hand formed and carved detailed tree represents the the opening of fear and the acceptance of peace that the trees of the forest offers to those who see beyond the story. To reflect this, the reverse of this pendant is decorated with hand formed and carved elements representing the beauty of the unseen. For it is better to know than to show… 

Walk With Me - Bronze Pendant Labradorite

This piece has a heavy patina (oxidized) producing the effect of a darkened forest. To contrast this effect, a smooth high gloss finish has been applied to the highlights of the bronze adornments along with a little glass enamel to reflect the unexpected. The necklace is not included, but we can add a necklace of choice to suit your preference. As the sun goes down and darkness cloaks the tree, discover your soul, come "Walk With Me!"! Pendant Length : 6 cm / 2.36" Pendant width : 3.5 cm / 1.4" Necklace : Upon request ** PLEASE NOTE THAT A CUSTOM NECKLACE WILL ADD UP TO 2 DAYS TO OUR REGULAR NEXT DAY SHIPPING ***
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