The majestic tree passes the season of dark with no leaves to nourish, no leaves to capture the love that passes in the wind.....and yet it grows stronger every year. The secret is the seeds of love awaiting the winds of change. The seeds that bring life and flourish.

Connect to the life giving force of love within you with these wire wrapped hoop earrings. Made from fine silver and copper, adorned with a Turquoise small stone which represents the inner source of life and of love that are contained within the essence of all women. The earrings are hang on Niobium ear hooks. 

 **** Would you like to make your own "Seed Within" earrings?, a step by step tutorial is available on our Tutorial page ****

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The Seed Within Earrings - Silver / Copper

These earrings are made from copper, fine silver, niobium and adorned with natural Turquoise gemstone. Oxidized and carefully polished for an antique look.
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