Through thought I build who I am, I build my world, I love who I think I love. When I remove the filter of thought, I know “I” am the love that is my world. I know to find true love, I close my eyes and “Return To Soul”.

This piece symbolizes the release of our constructed beliefs allowing the purity of the Soul to shine. Hand made in bronze, the central focus is a wonderful Labradorite gemstone with flashes of green, blue and yellow. Just looking into this stone, it’s easy to see how it represents the soul. Crowned with a decorative bouquet of ribbons that form the beautiful distractions of thought and adorned with a small majestic Labradorite to represent the concept of I (the thoughts of who I am).

The reverse of this pendant is highly decorated with hand formed and carved elements representing the beauty of the unseen. For it is better to know than to show…

This piece has a high patina (oxidized) producing the effect of an ancestral heirloom that is destined to pass the love of family for years to come. To contrast this effect, a smooth high gloss finish has been applied to the highlights of the bronze adornments.

The bronze chain is enhanced with a beautiful decorative hand formed bronze clasp.

The Love is every present, Return to Soul and experience it!

Pendant Length : 6.5 cm / 2.55"
Pendant width : 4 cm / 1.57"
Necklace : Suspended from a 54 cm / 21.25"

Return To Soul - Bronze Pendant

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