This delicate .999 fine silver pendant makes its' presence felt with its’ amazing Labradorite gemstone. This Labradorite produces rich gradient of green - gold - blue flashes. Hand-formed and carved, the delicate flora complement this beautiful gemstone.

Within the mind, we travel far and wide, but when surrounded by nature, the journey ends in presence. - Styve

The gentle forms of the decorative elements represent the endless capacity of nature to show us life. To show us the beauty and mystery of what is. The Labradorite taking the central focus, represents the source of all that requires no explanation or words to experience love. The reverse of this pendant is beautifully decorated with a heart representing the beauty of the unseen. For Love is better known, than shown. 

This piece has a medium patina (oxidized) producing the antique effect. This creation was produced as a demonstration piece providing inspiration to other developing artists.

The pendant is shipped with a hand tied leather cord. The option to include a .925 sterling silver chain that includes a beautiful decorative hand formed fine silver wire hook clasp is available for purchase.

Reach out and receive natures touch!

Pendant Length: 6 cm / 2.36" 
Pendant width: 2 cm / 0.78"
Optional Sterling Silver Chain Necklace: 45.7 cm / 20" – please contact us should you require a different necklace length.

Natures Presence - Fine Silver Pendant / Labradorite

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