The universal symbol of love, crowned by a Peridot gemstone take the center stage. "My Limitless Heart" contains a brushed satin finish with highly polished highlights.

The ring design was inspired by the moments of love that are felt within the soul when the thought of that special person enters the mind. Within these moments, the realization that love is limitless, even when their physical form is unavailable to the touch.

Hand formed with hand carved details, this ring is .925 sterling silver (hallmarked) and is gender neutral. The addition of a light patina (oxidation) is used to highlight the intricate details and complement the satin finish. 

"My Limitless Heart" is intended as a talisman to connectivity, to be the constant reminder that the love you share, returns to embrace your soul. We are all part of the eternal circle of life.

Ring size - 
Inside diameter 16.92 mm / 0.666"

US / CAN: 6.5
FR / RUS: 54
GER: 17

My Limitless Heart - Sterling Silver With Peridot

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