This intricately woven hand formed fine silver pendant incorporates a majestic high grade Labradorite gemstone. Gently cradled in a basket of floral ribbons, suspended from a double strung sterling silver chain. The pendant has a silky satin finish allowing the eye to capture the finest floral details embraced by the ribbons. The secret of Hidden Love will be releveled when the reverse of the pendant is viewed by its’ owner.

Hidden Love is a representation of lifes’ capacity to distract us from the essence of the soul. The search for love can appear as an impossible task when we rely on the minds “perfect” match. Hidden Love serves as a talisman to let go of “who” you are looking for and let your soul be the guide.

Hidden Love - Fine Silver / Labradorite

With over 25 hours of hand forming and carving invested in its’ creation, this piece is a collector’s signature piece. A certificate of authentication attesting to the composition and non-reproduction will be provided. This piece has a medium patina (oxidized) to give it an antique effect that gives it an appearance of a family heirloom that has always been part of your reality. The pendant is double strung suspended from a choker length sterling silver chain that has a matching patina. The necklace attaches with a beautiful hand carved fine silver clasp. To open the heart is to discover the Hidden Love. - Styve Pendant Length : 5 cm / 2" Pendant width : 6 cm / 2.4" Necklace : 34 cm / 13.4"
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