This creation is a unique signature piece and is accompanied by a certificate of authentication attesting to its’ composition and non-reproduction. This majestic necklace is the result of a real labor of love. With over 25 hours of meticulous hand forming and carving and is a unique timeless design.


The benevolent nature of the Goddess Hecate offers healing through the fruits of nature, plants. Wisdom to guide the transitions, welcome the intersections and to nurture the love in those close. This is the inspiration behind this wonderful "Fantasy Collar".


A green overlay has been applied to the copper highlights and provides a transition to the majestic Labradorite. This gemstone produces magical gold, blue and green flashes and is the "crowning glory" of this creation.


The reverse of this pendant is highly decorated with a crescent moon gracing the blue skies produced by the Labradorite flashes surrounded with vines representing the beauty of the hidden soul. As with Love, beauty extends beyond the eyes!

This piece has a high patina (oxidized) producing the effect of a newly discovered relic that is destined to become an ancestral heirloom. A combination of a silky smooth satin finish and mirror finish has been applied to the copper to complement thantique effect.


Each metal element (excl. chain & bezel wire) where hand formed or carved in copper metal clay pre-firing. The variation in patina and textures where applied to enhance the contrast of textures with the beautiful Labradorite gemstone.


Velvet soft green faux leather strands with copper color beads connect the central focus to copper chain that attaches with a handmade copper hook clasp. An additional length of chain gently hangs from the clasp and contains a Labradorite bead giving it a unique presentation. For the past is but the present of those who follow.


In the depth of the forest, she collects her brew. 
To heal the world and change all that she knew.

With the soul of a Goddess, caring for others 
she is happy to do. For if you search your
soul, you will find that the Goddess “Hecate”,
That’s You! - Styve


Pendant Length: 8 cm / 3.14”
Pendant width: 13 cm / 5.11”
Necklace Length: 45.72 cm / 18" - 24" (This creation was designed to be worn as a choker / collar length)

Hecate Mother Of Angels - Copper / Labradorite

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