Representing the inner balance possessed by all and our capacity to accept all that the reality presents to us.  These earrings are formed in .999 fine silver with fine silver ear hook attachments. Containing beautiful high grade Labradorite gemstones with rich green flashes. These earrings have a wonderful balance, with a weight that signals their comforting presence.

Delicate yet bold, the earrings are mirror images of each other lending to both options of an asymmetrical or a symmetrical presentation. Formal or casual, these earrings meet and compliment all of your style options.

The path to Harmony is but a creation of thought, for one cannot find what is not lost. – Styve

A complimenting necklace pendant is also available containing a wonderful green Labradorite gemstone that is compliments these earrings.

Earring Length : 3.8 cm / 1.49" (including drop 4.5 cm / 1.57")
Earring width : 1.7 cm / 0.66"

Harmony – Fine Silver / Labradorite Earrings

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