Guardian of the inner flame - The inner flame that ignites the life of all women, the place from where the strength and ability to master many roles originates. From the innocence of youth, to the nurturer "giver of life" to dignity the sharing of wisdom. The goddess qualities shared by all women are the inspiration behind these creations. 

"Nurturer" - With this representation, your inner sense of caring and love is projected into your reality. Caring for others unconditionally, overlooking judgment to see the beauty of life, the strength to protect what is precious.

Guardian Of The Inner Flame - Nurturer

As part of a matching set (along with necklace and bracelet), these beautiful earrings are hand formed from copper and fine silver, adorned with an amazing Green Amethyst (Prasiolite) faceted gemstone. Hanging from sterling silver studs, the eclectic flow of the hand formed copper embraces crowning centerpiece. Length: 5 cm / 2" * Note : Although the earring studs are created from sterling silver in order to enhance the healing powers related to copper, alternative Niobium ear hooks are available for those with sensitivity or allergic issues. Just send us a message and it will be our pleasure to accommodate. This creation is part of a matching set as per the photos #3 & #4 and can be found in the Necklace / Bracelet section. Bracelet:
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