This hand carved Goddess pendant contains recycled 99.9% pure fine silver married with a beautifully polished Smokey Quartz. 

Freya Norse Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, wealth, divination and magic.Freya (know as "The Lady"), with a crown of thoughts represented by the intricately woven forms maintains a serene expression on her highly polished face. The horns represent and project the inner strength to accept the distractions of life. Projecting serenity and strength is a feminine capacity that can easily be lost in our hectic lives, "The Lady" is who she is, with no thought of "who she should be".

This piece contains many hours of meticulous carving to give the variations in textures that give her such a dynamic appearance.The pendant is gently antiqued to produce the patina contrast to the highly polished silver decoration.

Suspended from an adjustable sterling silver chain necklace that places the pendant as the focal point and contains a decorative hand forged silver clasp. The clasp also contains a lucky handmade love bead in order to invite "Infinite Love" into your reality.

This Goddess will serve as a talisman of focus on being who you really are and be a constant reminder that YOU are the magic!

This creation is a unique signature piece and will not be reproduced.

Pendant Length : 7 cm / 2.74”
Pendant Width : 3 cm / 1.18"
Necklace Length : 55.8 cm / 22” adjustable to 50.8 cm / 20" 

Goddess Freya - Silver Pendant Necklace Quartz

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