This beautiful Labradorite pendant contains recycled 99.9% pure fine silver crowned with a bouquet of mushrooms. The gemstone has wonderful green/gold flashes. 

Handmade from fine silver,this wonderful pendant contains a beautifully carved bouquet of "life of the forest" mushrooms. The mushroom has but one purpose, to sow the spores of life that play a critical role in the continuity of life of the forest. Could there be a more beautiful love story? For when we sow our spores of love that are nurtured by those around us, only then do we get to experience the true sense of the connectivity of life.

An amazing Labradorite gemstone with green to gold flashes, with a touch of aqua blue takes the well deserved central focus of this piece. The minimal oval setting is gently elaborated with a majestic setting of the gemstone.

The contrasting details of the bouquet with the minimal setting of the gemstone give this piece a casual elegance to its' presentation.The pendant is gently antiqued to produce the patina contrast to the highly polished silver decoration.

Suspended from an adjustable sterling silver chain necklace that places the pendant as the focal point and contains a decorative hand forged silver clasp. The clasp also contains a lucky handmade love bead in order to invite fairy magic into your reality.

Add some fairy magic to your day!

This creation is a unique one of a kind piece and will not be reproduced.

Pendant Length : 7.5 cm / 3”
Pendant Width : 3 cm / 1.18"
Necklace Length : 55.8 cm / 22” adjustable to 50.8 cm / 20"

Forest Fantasy - Silver With Labradorite

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