These wonderful sterling silver earrings offer the strength to breath, even when immersed in emotions. 


We are but a drop of water in the sea of life. As the tides ebb and flow caressing the shores, so life presents limitless waves of emotions. It is only within the realm of the mind that these emotions can be interpreted as a tidal wave that consumes. When we allow the current to guide us to our destination, only then do we see that we are floating in the sea of love.- Styve

Cast in .925 sterling silver from an original hand carved design, these earrings were inspired by the ever changing forms of water. 


Adorned with high grade Amethysts, make these earrings a wonderful amulet to balance. Amethysts, along with their vibrant purple, adds a balancing effect on physical & emotional ailments. Suspended from fine silver wire ear hooks, these delicate earrings inherit the flowing form of the Goddess Of Flow pendant (sold separately) and contain a matching gemstone. 

This piece has a light patina (oxidization) to produce the effect of a valued antique. 


Earring Length (excluding drop) : 2.1 cm / 0.82"
Earring Length (including drop) : 2.5 cm / 1"
Earring Width : 1.2 cm / 2.24"

Flow - Sterling Silver Earrings With Amethyst

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