This handmade bronze pendant contains a wonderful Labradorite gemstone that illuminates with a warm green tone highlighted with a touch of blue / orange flashes. Gently embraced by the hand formed and carved foliage, this creation represents the value of mindfulness moments in connecting with life.

As the flower presents a wonderful display of color and fragrance, it is so very easy to allow the distraction of thought to veil the beautiful of the spectacle. When we allow ourselves to participate in the floral spectacle, to feel the experience with no thought or judgment, we experience life in its' purest form. For when we stop and experience the flower, we also experience the "Floral Fantasy".

Floral Fantasy - Bronze Pendant Labradorite

The hand formed and carved floral details are enhanced with a little glass enamel to reflect the unexpected. This piece has a heavy patina (oxidized) producing the look and feel of a newly discovered antique. To contrast this effect, a smooth high gloss finish has been applied to the highlights of the bronze adornments. Although the necklace is not included, we can add a necklace of choice to suit your preference. I bloom for you as an offering of Flora Fantasy! Pendant Length : 6 cm / 2.36" Pendant width : 3.2 cm / 1.25" Necklace : Upon request ** PLEASE NOTE THAT A CUSTOM NECKLACE WILL ADD UP TO 2 DAYS TO OUR REGULAR NEXT DAY SHIPPING ***
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