Fine silver necklace pendant with natural Canadian Hematite. In this piece, the natural balance of all things is represented with the marriage of the fine silver with the Hematite to produce a symbolic representation of the Equilibrium of love.

Set in a delicate neo-Victorian fine silver setting, the hematite mineral reflects a subtle gray contrasting with the hand formed and carved silver. The stone is gently cradled in a floral decoration which along with the asymmetric elements of this piece, collaborate to produce a continuous flow through the contrasting textures. The reverse of this piece is wonderfully decorated containing a heart is designed to produce an Equilibrium.

Equilibrium - Fine Silver / Hematite

This piece has a heavy patina (oxidization) to maintain the balanced effect between the silver and the stone. The pendant is suspended from a sterling silver chain that has a matching patina. The necklace attaches with a beautiful hand formed fine silver clasp that contains a handmade fine silver bead. You have found your Equilibrium! Pendant Length: 5 cm / 2” Pendant width: 2.5 cm / 1” Necklace Length: 44 cm / 17.4”
Metal Clay Adventures | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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