These earrings are hand-formed in .999 fine silver with sterling silver stud posts and contain beautiful South American Amethyst gemstones. 

Representing the capacity to overcome all that life presents, "Divine Dream" guides us to use wisdom and compassion as the ultimate solutions. At times, our thoughts may present situations as impossible or unbearable and yet the next moment still follows.

With a wonderful balance and weight. The weight of these earrings make them comfortable to be worn all day without distortion of the earlobe. The stud posts are securely held in place with sterling silver "comfort clutch" ear nuts that contain a silicon disc (11 mm diameter) to ensure that the earring is held straight and minimizes deformation of the ear lobe. 

As mirror images of each other, the earrings lend themselves to both options of an asymmetrical or a symmetrical presentation to match your style or feeling. The flora design of these earrings reproduce the flora contained in the pendant (photo 5) making them the perfect match.

When thought makes it impossible, allow your soul to let it happen! - Styve

Earring Length : 3 cm / 1.18" 

The complimenting necklace pendant may be viewed: HERE
Save the equivalent of free US/Can shipping when purchased as a complimenting set available: HERE

Divine Dream – Fine Silver / Amethyst Earrings

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