Dewi the Celtic dragon God, like all dragons was a gatekeeper to other worlds and a guardian to the secrets and treasures of the universe.

This majestic piece represents the spirit of the dragon that has opened the passage to the “otherworld”. For when a woman reaches beyond the illusions of the mind, her true spirit is revealed. Her soul that is the giver of life, Her embrace that nurtures and Her love that is the healer of all.

Dewi “Of Two Worlds” - Bronze Silver Labradorite

Hand carved in bronze with fine silver, this necklace contains a beautiful “Fire” Labradorite stone. This creation reflects the strength and compassion of the wearer, showing her natural state – Goddess of the “Otherworld”, creator of reality. Suspended from a sterling silver chain, adorned with a wonderful custom bronze clasp, this piece merges the strength of the dragons’ heart with the compassionate soul of all women. Necklace Length : 44 cm / 17 ½ ” Pendant Width : 14 cm / 5 ½” Pendant Length : 16 cm / 6 ½”
Metal Clay Adventures | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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