Bouquet of Love
“I could bring you flowers that would surely bring a smile,
I choose to bring you Love as it better fits your style.” - Styve 

This beautifully formed bronze pendant contains an amazing Labradorite gemstone. Gently cradled in the embrace of a hand formed and carved details bouquet of intricate flowers and ribbons. The gemstone produces deep blue tone flashes that is a representation of “Love”. 

The reverse of this pendant is also highly decorated with hand formed and carved elements representing the beauty of the hidden soul. 

This piece has a medium patina (oxidized) producing the effect of a heirloom piece that contains the ancestry of family love. To contrast this effect, a smooth high gloss finish has been applied to the highlights of the bronze adornments.

The decorative hand formed bronze clasp is a representation of the beauty of Lovers embrace. The pendant is suspended from a bronze chain.

The gift of eternal Love is every present!

Pendant Length : 6 cm / 2.36"
Pendant width : 4 cm / 1.57"
Necklace : Suspended from a 50 cm / 19.68" 

Bouquet of Love - Bronze Labradorite Pendant

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