Iroquois sky goddess who descended to the earth at the time of creation. 
According to legend, on earth a tree broke and left a hole in the ground leading to the centre of the earth. Atahensic fell from the sky and before falling into the hole left by the tree, she was carried down by the wings of birds. After her fall the birds brought her down the hole onto water. A giant turtle then emerged from the water underground and carried her to the surface of the hole. 
It is said that Atahensic made the Moon and the Sun during childbirth, which were set in the sky by Her husband, Master of Winds. She is associated with marriage, childbirth, and feminine crafts.
Dedicated to the force of life that is woman, this beautiful copper pendant brings the flow of the wind that embraces the wonderful Turquoise stone. As part of a matching earring and bracelet, together they unite to qualities of a woman’s spirit. 
Release your inner goddess and embrace the magic of life that is deep within. 

Atahensic - Goddess of Creation - Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet / armlet is hand formed from copper and adorned with Turquoise gemstone. Diameter: 7 cm / 2.75" adjustable fit. **PLEASE NOTE A SHIPPING SURCHARGE MAY APPLY TO THIS ITEM** - Please contact us with your shipping location for details.
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