Symmetry - A constant challenge

So like so many artists, I started this piece with a clear objective (my depiction of  "The Spirit of Earth Goddess"), but as the work progresses, creativity takes hold and I get to witness a product that has its' own identity .. she's looking more like an Indo-European Goddess.

Maybe the music I'm listening to or the weather conditions influence my work who knows? In fact, the not-knowing that influences the evolution of a piece is what makes my experience so interesting and different for every creation.

So how do you maintain symmetry when hand forming jewelry?

like many other aspects of jewelry making, there are many different techniques and methods. Finding what works for you can only be achieved by trial and "interesting results". The method that I find the most effective is;

always work on the opposing pieces at the same time. 

So if we apply this to earrings, always make the same piece for each earring at the same time. this way you are only comparing the two pieces and not the overall earring.

In this WIP (work in progress), I'm adding the details one by one, allowing them to dry and carving them after. Because of the symmetric design it is much more comfortable to hand form 2 details at a time that allows me to respect the symmetry as close as possible. It's not an easy task, as this requires the quick forming and positioning of each piece before the silver clay dries. Details of my step by step process of making these elements are contained in my Sky Guide Tutorials.

So my "Goddess" just needs a few touch ups and SHE will be ready for the "Alchemical Transmutation" process / firing.

Feel free to share your method or techniques of symmetrical duplication of hand formed pieces in the comments below.

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