Meet Rodi : Artist / Instructor

Rodica Frunze MD, PHD


"How do you do that?" is one of the most frequent comments we receive regarding Rodis creations. The answer starts with "having a clear focus on your inspiration". Conceptually, this is easy to understand, but how to apply this is the challenge.


During the period working as a Scientific Researcher, Rodi spent a number of years teaching Physiology as a university lecturer. Combining this experience with her work as a Psychiatrist gave her insight into how to assist people to learn.


Rodis' approach is centered around learning, not teaching. The word teaching conveys a message that "the teacher" creates learning. With over 25 years of combined experience, we believe that "learning" comes from within. For this reason, Rodi prefers the term Guide rather than teacher.

There are no "students or pupils" within our learning programs, there are unique individuals participating in the exchange of experiences. The shared passion of creativity forms the connections that allows participants to recognize their capacity is only limited by the thoughts of what they can or cannot do.


" Trying and doing take the same amount of energy and effort"

In order for Rodi to guide a person through the tangled web of limiting self-beliefs, a great amount of attention is required. This is why our programs are based on small groups, ensuring a direct one-on-one experience.


Talented does not fully convey the “Gift” Rodi has for the creativity portrayed in her pieces. Most participants arrive at one of Rodis workshops with a sense of awe and admiration of Rodis "Gift", ALL leave with their sense of awe and admiration re-directed towards themselves! 


This is the result of each technique being presented with a clear and simple approach. Each simple step, building on the previous accomplishment. Once you see the evolution and result of your participation, you will fully appreciate our learning philosophy;

" Passion is the gateway to creativity, Learning is the key to the gate"

Within this philosophy, Rodi becomes your guide through the "Gateway" and points you to the reality of your accomplishments "Learning".

I can speak of Rodi's hugs from experience....she is truly a great hugger, fabulous teacher and mentor, and overall caring, rad chick. If u can, go to her in Nanaimo! Its gorgeous and I bet you'll be hard pressed to find anyone quite like Rodi and Styve!!!!


Steve : Business Manager / Program Director

Steve Lynch – Thought, "The illusion of life"


With over 30 years of customer experience management and 20 years of adult training program development and implementation experience, using this experience to share Rodis talent is such a pleasure.

All of our learning programs are built incorporating andragogical strategies reinforced by Rodis experience as a university lecturer. All programs are designed to reinforce learning by focusing on the participants level of comfort and natural learning capacity.

Addressing the challenge of balancing artistic interpretation with the fast paced world of technology is one of my primary challenges. Ensuring every contact with us is greeted with sincerity, and that we exceed every customers expectation is my unwavering focus. 

Changing Reality Through Creativity

It gives us great pleasure to share Rodis' creativity with you, may it be in the visual form, may it be in the form of the story that touches or may it be in the form of participating in one of our learning programs!

Metal Clay Adventures | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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The joy of sharing!

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