Workshops With Rodi


Our workshops with award winning metal clay artist Rodica Frunze includes;

Design concepts,


Carving / Sculpting,


Bezel making / setting

All pricing in US currency
Please contact us for payments in CAD & for details of our "Support Canadian Artist" discount program.

I can speak of Rodi's hugs from experience....she is truly a great hugger, fabulous teacher and mentor, and overall caring, rad chick. If u can, go to her in Nanaimo! Its gorgeous and I bet you'll be hard pressed to find anyone quite like Rodi and Styve!!!!


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Currently Scheduled Workshops

Please accept our apologies for the delay in the Fall 2020 workshop agenda.

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Available Workshops

Natures Embrace Fine Silver Workshop
Fine Silver 3 Day Workshop
Ocean Breeze Flex Fine Silver
Flexible Fine Silver 3 Day Workshop
Royal Bronze Intro Base Metals
Intro to Base Metal Clay 3 Day Workshop
Floral Dream Keum Boo Workshop
3 Day Keum Boo 24k Gold / Fine Silver Workshop
Keum Boo 24k Gold / Fine Silver
3 Day Keum Boo 24k Gold / Fine Silver Workshop
Bronze Advanced Workshop
Majestic Bronze With Flex
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On-Demand Workshops


Meet Rodi

Rodica (Rodi) Frunze is a full time metal clay artist with a contagious passion for exploring what can be accomplished with the medium. Born in the small eastern European country of Moldova, Rodi completed her studies in medicine and became a Dr. of Psychiatry. Her observation of the human experience and the relationship with the environment permeate and inspires her artistry.

As a university lecturer, I spent many years "teaching".  With Jewelry making, I see myself more as a guide than a teacher. This is due in part to the fact that those looking to learn or enhance skills in jewelry making have such a deep passion to learn. They just need to master techniques and skills that help them translate their passion into beautiful adornments.


I feel that creativity is part of who we all are. Most of the time it's cloaked within the depths of our souls, we just need someone to point us in the right direction to realize the limitless depth of our creative potential." - Rodi

Distance Learning Programs

Distance Learning/Online Teaching Programs 

Ongoing individual program: This program takes place online via email and Skype and is adjusted to your level of expertise. It is meant primarily for people who have no access to classes in their area. Your progress depends on the amount of time you can devote to learning in a given month. I will be available to you throughout the month for questions, consultations, and new projects. At the end of a paid month you can stop the program or take a break and sign up for another month.

Project Support: This program takes place online via Skype and may be used as an "Addon" to our Sky Guide Metal Clay tutorials. Working on a new project (or planning to start) and would like some assistance? maybe you have questions on the tools to purchase, which clay best suits your project or maybe you need more detailed explaination or alternative options for one of the sections in our tutorials...


Call For Help: Need a quick 15 min. session to resolve that nagging question, our "Call For Help" program is perfect for eliminating those little doubts or providing reassurance you are on the right track.


For details, availability calendar and pricing, see our Distant Learning page

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